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My name is David, and as I stated on the home page I got started giving away Minecraft accounts for free after being young and unable to buy a Minecraft account for myself, yet watching people on YouTube having a blast on the game. Thankfully, Notch is a supporter of people doing what they need to in order to play Minecraft for free IF THEY HAVE TO, so he has not cracked down on me and my supporting of people’s methods.

I created DiamondOres as a one-stop shop for everyone’s most popular methods of getting free Minecraft. Contact Me if you have any questions.

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We’re striving to create the absolute #1 spot for free minecraft and we’ve got quite a collection amassed to help us do it.

You can try out our:

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or even download Minecraft Cracked – all from our website. Enjoy it!

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If you are having any trouble at all getting Minecraft for free, have no worries. You can email us with your concerns and/or comments and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Our email is

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